We are a real estate development company focused on investment, development and management of industrial and commercial development.

Welcome to a new world of concrete, stone and steel. We are reimagining the possibilities of industrial and residential buildings with new materials and better ideas.

Welcome to a new world of concrete, stone and steel. We are reimagining the possibilities of industrial and residential buildings with new materials and better ideas.

We identify and invest in real estate property developments in developed urban centres. By locating areas that exhibit drivers of intensification and a diminished supply of employment-generating real estate, we build valued properties.

From the start, we have always striven to create the most innovative and functional real estate developments while providing exceptional value for clients. We accomplish this with progressive thinking and a diligent commitment to the people and places we help develop.

How we carry out our work is just as important as the work itself. Our relationships, work ethic, and development projects are based on a set of values that permeate our entire organizational structure.


Our work reflects our process, which is to put people first; be conscientious about the spaces we create; and remain mindful, honest, fair and transparent in all our actions.


To us, a property, whether residential or industrial, is more than the sum of its parts; it's a space within which life happens. Our environment is a big factor in determining our well-being, which is why we are diligent in creating adaptable spaces that evolve with your lifestyle and needs.


Building industrial and residential spaces is not just a business, it is part of who we are. Our passion is built into our DNA and is driven by the desire to create projects and communities that we take pride in.


We cultivate authentic, long-lasting connections with everyone who helps make our spaces a built reality. To do that, we take a familial approach and strive for respect, trust, and transparency in all our actions, allowing everyone to thrive and grow together.


We are proud of what we do and the people involved, every step of the way. We hold each other accountable and reinforce our values every day through teamwork, focused action, and positive, infectious energy throughout the process.


In everything we do, we aim to help. Within and outside of the development process, service is how we care for our neighbors, communities, and cities. We interpret service as putting others' needs first, and this philosophy informs not only our personal relationships but also how we approach our work. By caring about others' well-being and by acting in a thoughtful and respectful manner, we can better the lives and community around us.


Our Team

Union Allied is driven by creativity, passion and direct communication, and our group brings a wealth of local development experience to the table. We collaborate with leading architects and designers to establish a new approach to homebuilding, and our unique industrial developments are the result of these creative endeavors.

"We are living in an unprecented time in history. All industries are experiencing a big change; however, I truly believe that to be successful in the long term, we always put our buyers and users' best interests first."

-Michael Chiang, Co-Founder

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