Our Approach

Union Allied invests in companies and projects that enrich the well-being of the local community and economy. We focus on integrating our expertise with growth opportunities and using our strengths and network to help make your vision a reality.

Cultivating Connections

Cultivating Connections

Relationships are our most precious asset. From the outset, we have endeavored to achieve positive outcomes for our clients by prioritizing quality and satisfaction. We believe in investing in people who aspire, innovate, and are looking to collaborate to accomplish exemplary, fulfilling work.

Building For Good

We seek out partnerships with people and businesses who are passionate about the same values as us, and we support these businesses and individuals by providing the best solutions based on their goals and needs.

Building For Good


Development and Construction

Our vertically integrated structure allows us to handle every aspect of development, from land acquisition and design to construction, financing and property management. This approach to development helps ensure accountability, eliminate inefficiencies, and ensure the final product aligns with what was initially planned.

Our development team handles every detail, including building specifications, facility layout, and general design aesthetic. We oversee the entire process, from initial design to permits and construction. With our expertise in construction and trade pool, we work with our suppliers, contractors and consultants to provide an efficient and educated development process, which is reflected in the schedule, constructability and budget.
We focus on integrity, quality and sustainability in not only our service and work ethic but also in our construction. Union Allied delivers high-quality industrial and residential developments while maintaining lasting client relationships. We approach every development prioritizing end user usability, constructability and efficiency.
We don't stop at construction. Managing over 50 tenants leasing more than 50 spaces, our dedicated team offers unparalleled, reliable property management services. We offer property management to national tenants such as CSA, TnT, UPS, and Rio-Can, just to name a few. Our dedicated team of property managers will help to create the best tenant and buyer experience.
Our Approach


Investment / Capital

Union Allied provides opportunites based on your goals and needs. We partner with like-minded mid-market institutions and clients to invest in projects. Using our experience and market intelligence, we can obtain excellent property opportunities and take the projects from acqusition to closing, all while controlling schedule and budget to ensure a successful project.

Industry Leader

Our team of dedicated investment professionals puts emphasis on deploying and managing capital investments. We partner with industry-leading management teams that aim to develop the local economy and community.